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Henke & Okerstrom November 2012 Newsletter
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5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Before Year's End

We have prepared the following summary. For the complete article click the link at the bottom.

1. Yearly Maximum: Most insurances have a year maximum of around $1,000. Unused benefits do not roll over at the end of the year.

2. Deductible: Deductibles vary but usually are around $50 per year. This decutible may reset at the beginning of the year.

3. Premiums: If you are paying monthly premiums you should be using your dental benefits. Regular cleanings can help prevent more serious treatments later.

4. Fee Increases: Health care costs and insurance continue to rise. Most fee adjustments are made at the beginning of the year including increases in copays and deductibles.

5. Dental Problems Can Worsen: By delaying treatment you risk more extensive treatment later. A simple cavity now could be a root canal later.
Full Article: 5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Before the End of the Year
Cavities: Did You Know?
Some people are more at risk to get cavities than others. A wide range of factors determines your chance of developing cavities. Here are just a few:

*Use of fluoride
*Frequency and length of brushing and flossing
*Illness (such as diabetes)
*Oral conditions (such as periodontal disease)
*Presence of dental braces
*Presence of crowns, bridgework, dentures
*Diet and meal patterns
*Frequency of dental visits

Some factors are habit and lifestyle choices. Others are caused by medical conditions and illnesses. At your next appointment, ask us how you can reduce your likelihood of developing cavities.

The Economics of Dental Care
In the current economic crunch, it may be tempting to skimp on dental care. But you will not save money in the long run by ignoring your dental health and you might endanger your child's health or your own.

We want to help you keep more of your money for other essentials and that is why we encourage you to get regular dental checkups. Insurance companies know that prevention is far less costly than cures and that is why most policies cover routine dental checkup and cleanings.

The best way to avoid more expensive dental procedures is to follow a home dental hygiene program and maintain regular checkups to identify issues before they become full-blown problems needing costly intervention.

If you don't have insurance, we can work with you to arrange a payment schedule that fits your budget.

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