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Wisdom Teeth Removal
White Molar tooth rendered on white background
Oral surgeons perform wisdom teeth removal often, so it is a common surgical procedure. It is important to follow the instructions and recommendations that the surgeon provides after the surgery to ensure quick healing.

Wisdom teeth extraction may be required if the teeth are presenting potential problems. They could be causing bite misalignment. Wisdom teeth could be causing gum inflammation at the back of the mouth. Besides, it may be causing pain. A dentist can determine if your wisdom teeth should be extracted or not. Not all wisdom teeth are extracted; in fact, many people are comfortable living with them.

You will want to get a good night's sleep before surgery. Our team will review details ahead of time but plan to fast for a period of time before surgery.

Plan your home for when you recover. Have your room ready to relax in and have food and drinks readily available. You will be able to eat soft food after surgery. Do make sure you have a ride arranged to transport you to and from the procedure.

It is very important to pick up any medications we prescribe. Do this ahead of time so you do not have to worry about it on the way home from surgery.

Our team will give you discharge instructions and schedule any necessary follow up appointments. You just want to position yourself to rest and recover for a couple of days after wisdom teeth removal. Depending on your profession, we can advise on how soon you can return to work.

Find out more about wisdom teeth extractions from our dental surgery team!

How Long Does it Take to Recover Once You Have A Tooth Extraction?
If a dentist recommends tooth extraction, you properly are worried about the recovery period. You want to know how long it will take to heal. Extractions are needed for a variety of reasons. It may be required if a large filling is damaged, you have a badly chipped tooth, your tooth is decayed and unrestorable, or you simply want to get the wisdom tooth removed.

Tooth extraction may be a minor or major procedure. A simple extraction may heal within a few days, but for surgical extraction, you may need a week or two. Each patient is different, and so is the recovery. Our oral surgeon will discuss with you the procedure and aftercare tips to ensure you recover smoothly.

Dental Implants
dental patient  dentist  teeth  cleaning  chair
Dental implants are considered the safest and most reliable solution to missing teeth. They are made of titanium, and a screw is attached to fix them on your jawbone easily. Dental implants help improve your speech and allow you to eat well. Our oral surgeons have extensive experience placing dental implants.

The procedure usually begins with a simple dental diagnosis to determine if you have dental problems like gum disease or jaw problems. If you have any gum issues, the procedure might take a while to ensure your gums are completely healed. After that, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth, which will be used to create permanent implants for your teeth. The implants will be placed where your missing teeth used to be.
Implants are suitable if you have missing teeth as they help support other teeth and prevent bacteria from attacking other teeth. They also keep your other teeth strong by balancing them and preventing them from moving around.

Our dentist will provide you with all the necessary tips to maintain your implants. In that case, we advise you first to visit our dental clinic to discuss important details with our oral surgeon and have your general dental hygiene checked before beginning the dental implant procedure.

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